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Section 1. New approaches to statements and solutions of some classical Mathematical Physics problems.
Manual for Universities

This manual is prepared on the basis of publications of the author within 2000-2003. Paradoxes of classical problems of Continuum Mechanics , Mathematical Physics, Vibration Theory and of other University courses are discovered in this manual. Some paradoxes are called by aftereffects of long-term, but not finished, controversy of d''Alembert and Euler about string oscillations. Erroneous physical backgrounds and incorrect mathematical standings became such aftereffects at statement of classical problems in the end of 19th and in the beginning of 20th centuries. Unfortunately, statements of more complicated modern problems usually are based on the such erroneous standings. Therefore on recognizing of specialists many works of scientific institutes are subject to revising. Separate sections of university courses of continuum mechanics, mathematical physics, theory of elasticity, vibration theory require revising also.
Many fragments of the manual were considered with professionals, and also at the International scientific conferences before manual''s publication (links above).

The manual is intended for students, post-graduate students and teachers of mentioned University Courses.
ENGLISH and other translations of this manual for Universities will essentially speed up reforming of the University Courses.

Product Details
* Paperback: 200 pages
* Publisher: VDM Verlag, Germany (April 2, 2009)
* Language: Russian
* ISBN-10: 3639135954
* ISBN-13: 978-3639135954
Printed in USA
Printed in UK
The manual’s preprint with reviews and comments of specialists has been published in 2003 (Kiev, publishing house "Політехніка", 100 copies).
The official publication in Ukraine - 2005 (Kiev, publishing house "Задруга", 300 copies).
The present edition are corrected, structure and content modifications are made.

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